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Pricing for Services and Training

Loss prevention is part of any sound business plan.

All facilities services, and most training, are charged at the same low rate.
Contact us and we will gladly give to your company a written estimate.
We put our work in writing, both our agreement beforehand and our results afterwards.
We will assist your company's sites anywhere in the USA.
We handle companies of many sizes and types, including those that have just one location.
All client information is handled with great confidentiality

Travel charges may be incurred.

There may be a minimum charge for each transit day between our main office and your site. Reasonable travel expenses will be paid for by your company.

All facilities services have the same basic payment arrangement.

All training fees have the same basic payment arrangement.

To succeed at your company's financial goals,
Invest in Increasing Your Company's Profitability!

Complete Consulting Services

Links: |Home| |Avoid Losses| |Services| |Industries| | Fees | |Responsibility| |Signs| |Contact Us |