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Our Safety Services,
Tailored for Your Needs

We perform the following facilities' services:

Complete on-site safety audit of your company's facilities

Audit in response to work-related injuries or illnesses

Expert witness testimony and expert opinions

Action in response to an OSHA violation list

Inspections of new additions or equipment

Answers about situations and occurrences

Analysis of written plans and procedures

Assistance with an OSHA visit

Our audits simulate an OSHA inspection. We will help you to schedule out and complete needed corrections.

Our training covers the following topics:

Control of hazardous energy/Electrical safe work practices

Material handling and storage/Hazardous materials

Walking surfaces/Slips, trips, and falls prevention

Thirty hour and Ten hour competency classes

Vehicle safety: truck, auto, forklift, etc.

Machine safeguarding and machinery

Permit-required confined spaces

Personal protective equipment

Welding, cutting, and brazing

Means of egress

Record keeping

Fire Protection

Our work is performed by a US Dept. of Labor Authorized Trainer.
Training sessions are supplemented with visual aids, rewards, and more, all tailored for your needs.

Your company deserves fair opportunities Our country was founded on the principals of hard work and dedication

Complete Consulting Services

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